Meet the Match!

Complete the Funding for 95.3 FM Twin Cities!

For Such a Time as This!

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Meet the Match–For such a time as this!
Tuesday, July 27th

Our staff is in awe of how God has moved in bringing KNOF back as part of the praiseLive ministry.  Would you prayerfully consider your involvement in coming alongside praiseLive so that when we come to the closing we will be completely debt-free?  We are holding a one-day fundraiser to meet the need. 

Our purchase price is $1,225,000. Only Jesus could do this! The first $250,000 is already covered.  A generous donor who grew up listening to KNOF is so passionate about God restoring this signal that his family is offering to match your gifts.  This means a total of $487,500 is needed to own this station debt-free. A family from Western Minnesota heard about this, and we just received the first gift that was matched dollar for dollar.  So their gift of $25,000 is $50,000 toward the purchase!  $286,027 to go!