PraiseLive invites you to experience Better Words and Better Actions for yourself!  Starting September 6th, you’re invited to pick one of three opportunities to engage your faith:

  1. Join praiseLive’s 30 day online devotional written by praiseLive staff and global ministry partners.
  2. Visit an online church service different than you’re used to.
  3. Choose to serve somebody.  See a need and meet the need of someone else.

Better Words, Better Actions: PraiseLive’s 30 Day Devotional

Words and actions are powerful. When submitted to God, they can change the world for the better! Join praiseLive and learn to use your words and actions to reflect Jesus’ love into the lives of others. Each new day is a new opportunity to bless someone by how we speak and serve.
This devotional was written by the praiseLive staff as well as ministry partners from OneHope,, Global Voice of Prayer and David C Cook.

You can access it here.

A simple “thank you” means so much. Take a moment and praise God for clergy that make a difference in your life.  Then send a text to praiseLive with their name, city, church and how they’ve made an impact. 1-800-658-2229.  Their name will go into a Clergy Appreciation drawing the week of October 5th.  Kerry and Kelsi will draw one name in the morning and Chaz one name in the afternoon for a $50.00 Visa gift card made possible by generous friends of praiseLive:  Thanks Hedine Jewelry and Mark Lee Excavating and Asphalt of Alexandria MN.

(This is for US residents)