It’s frustrating, isn’t it? That one person in your life that you just can’t seem to get along with. Maybe it’s a co-worker, or your spouse or one of your children. You want things to change for the better but it’s just so difficult! This one relationship seems to be caught in a cycle of negativity and you don’t know what to do about it! You’re not alone! We can all relate in some way, can’t we? How do we change negative interactions with that particular person in our life?

PraiseLive invites you to take The Kindness Challenge from February 25th to March 25th, 30 days to make a real and lasting difference in a relationship you care about. For 30 days you’ll choose not to say anything negative about or to that person, instead you’ll choose to say something positive about him or her and do one small, generous act daily for them.

God’s love sticks and so does His kindness! PraiseLive invites you take the 30 day Kindness Challenge starting Monday, February 25th! We’ll be together every step of the way, praying for each other and sharing daily encouragement online and onair. With God’s help and our commitment to be proactive, we’ll see positive changes in our relationships! Are you in? Join the PraiseLive KindnessChallenge. Sign up now!

Love That Sticks

February is the month of love and we’re asking you to spread God’s kind of love! Love that never fails, love that sticks! (1 Corinthians 13:8)

Think of the one in your life who could use some encouragement. Find a sticky note and write a scripture verse or uplifting message on it. Stick the notes where they can be seen: on an office door, a mirror, in your church, on a windshield, in your child’s lunchbox — wherever they’re likely to look. Be creative! Pray over that person as you stick the notes up and let’s see what God does as you share His word and His love with others.

Click the image below to download and personalize your own virtual sticky note!