Many of us aren’t able to physically go and visit areas where Jesus ministered, but we can put on metaphorical sandals and walk where Jesus walked! Beginning April 5th, take a journey with Jesus for yourself, walking with Him as a disciple through the last week of His life. You’ll experience a new awareness of His love for you as you step into the last five days of his earthly life, his crucifixion then His resurrection! Text the word ‘walk’ to 800-658-2229. Together we help people discover and worship Jesus!

*For our global family, you can receive Walking with Jesus messages through the praiseLive app for your smartphone. Download the free praiseLive app from the google play store or the Apple App Store and turn on your notifications.

This beautiful Lent calendar is designed to help your family worship Jesus through the next 40 days.  Read scripture together, pray together, serve together and sing together.  Together, you’ll discover more about Jesus and his love for your family and your community. Print the calendar, share it with friends and put it where you can see it and stay engaged.

You can access the devotional plan here.