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AngelaAberdeen, SD

The morning of January 27th about 8 am I agreed in prayer with the radio host on financial blessings. It was a time we really needed some financial help. I turned off the radio and proceeded to walk in to work. I got a text from my boss just then letting me know they were giving me a raise. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Three days later I received an email from my 2nd job alerting me of a raise in that position also. Praise the LORD! PS- I’ve been listening to your station (back when we used to call it KCGN) since I was a child. Blessings to you all!


We love Praise Live and it's focus on worship and prayer. Focus on the Family, Family Life Today, Adventures in Odessy have been mentors in our lives. We have the radio on all day in our house, and it blesses me to hear our 4-year-old son sing "Miracle Worker," and"Come to the table" songs all by himself. He listens and asks questions about what he hears through your station. We are blessed to have praiseLive. Thank you for being faithful as a radio station to help listeners lead us into worship.

NicholeAlexandria, MN

Recently, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer as a mama to four children, one still nursing. The music, the programming, the encouraging words shared by the on-air team, even the action items of PL have all held me up through this time. I was grateful the medical professionals before both of my biopsies allowed me to play my PL app on my lap during the painful, scary procedures. I can tell you right now that prayer from my loved ones and the music playing are what kept me calm enough for the procedures to take place.

Fongeu JeremiahCameroon, Africa

It's really wonderful to experience Jesus with you. My family and I find more reasons to commit our life more to our Lord Jesus. Thanks for being there for us.

JoshuaAlexandria, MN

I used to listen to secular music or talk radio during my workday and decided to listen for two months straight to praiseLive to see if it made a difference in my day. The end result is that I love praiseLive and it's all that I listen to now. My soul feels softer, I feel like I have more energy during my workday, and I have more patience with my family. I may not be listening to every word consciously, but the message + music is still God-breathed and that has changed how I am as a person.

StanleyNigeria, West Africa

Indeed my life has changed tremendously as I listen and worship the King of Kings on praise live here in Anambra state,Nigeria. There is never a day am not listening and getting inspired by your selection of music.
Every morning when I wake up I tune in via satellite when am driving and at work I listen via the app. The inspiration I have received so far can't be quantified. God bless you all for this great work you are doing .
I pray for more grace and blessings, as you take the Name of Jesus to the ends of the earth.

KendraAppelton, MN

I just wanted to let ALL of you know what a blessing you are! I have you on all day as I sit at my desk job. I really appreciate how you all can relate to what your listening family is going though and how your words encourage. It's wonderful to hear the testimonies as well from the employees/their families and others. SOOO encouraging.

JodiOsakis, MN

Before Christ: lonely, depressed & fighting chains of addiction to drugs. How I came to Christ: after jail, ER, hosp stay, detox & into my 3rd wk in treatment I knew I couldn't break the chains w out surrendering my life over to Jesus. My life after coming to Christ: full of His strength, hope & unconditional love & knowing I can get thru anything w Him by my side!! I love His encouraging Word & I love Jesus🙌! No more self hatred, debilitating depression, severe guilt & endless shame all cuz of our Lord's loving grace & mercy!!!


Before back then I was so very bad really bad. My past is really not in a good condition. But when I started accept and follow Jesus. Everything has change, I started reading bible sharing the good things He has done for me. And things started to change and blessing are coming in. And my dad now is already a Pastor and starting preaching the Word of God for almost 6 years. Praise God for the goodness and mercy He did for me and my family.


I have enjoyed so much receiving the texts during Holy Week. It really does bring Jesus’ “journey” through that week to life! He Is Risen!


Praise Live Ap has been a lifeline for me. I usually listen to you on 103.9 when I am at home. My husband just recently had a serious accident and incurred a Traumatic Brain Injury. He has been in the hospital for two weeks now and continues to improve daily. God has used the music of Praise Live through the app on my phone to keep me focused on where my help comes from, Jesus! Your music encouraged me through some very dark days. I am so very thankful for all who work at Praise Fm and for their faithfulness! May God multiple His blessings on you all!


Through the big earthquake in Fukushima in 2011, God taught me, even if something bad happened, He would protect us and give us hope that He would unfold His amazing plan. So, though we are in difficult situation now, we are given hope in Him.


I wanted to let you know that about 13 years ago I rededicated my life to Christ and my life changed. Praise FM & my local church has helped me grow in the Lord and I will be forever grateful!!!


You are my go-to station for peace.


I can’t express how much God has used this station to encourage me. I cannot attend a local church at this time and I am so thankful that through this station I am included and invited to be a part of God’s family. Thank you for bringing the message of hope and love through Jesus into my home.


I live in Ethiopia but I am in the US at the moment for medical care. My friend from Kenya introduced me to Praise Live Radio Station and I have been listening to it almost 24hours a day. On June 18th I have posted a prayer request for my health on the website. On June 21st I had a hard time concerning my health to a point where I was starting to believe that healing and all of God’s promises only comes when we are with the Lord in heaven. On June 22nd at 4:05 am I was awaken by a message that a friend of mine from Ethiopia sent. While reading her message of encouragement I heard you saying “Now I would like to pray for Sandra” and you went on to pray for me and what you prayed was what my spirit needed to hear. It brought encouragement, comfort and tears.


I am SO grateful to the Lord ....for walking me through a long 'dark night of the soul' into His glorious light...He has provided me with a FT ministry position, after being unemployed on/off for 3 years! Thanks to all of you at praiseLive for your prayers and through the encouragement of your amazing ministry.