Take a moment to downshift this Christmas.

Think about how you’d like to remember this December.  Sure, they’ll be busyness and running around.  But there are also opportunities to spend quality time with your family making forever memories and restoring Joy in the season. The PraiseLive Advent Calendar can help.

You’ll find helpful ideas to keep Christmas simple like bringing a meal to a friend, a quiet night together by the fire or reading the Christmas story around the table.

Through interactive devotionals, videos and Christmastime activities, you and your family can simply focus on Jesus leading up to Christmas.

Make it a simple Christmas with PraiseLive.

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Some people are called to give.  Some people are called to go.  PraiseLive is inviting you to answer God’s call either way!

 Thank you to all who gave to TheoVision so that our listening family can fund a well to be built for clean drinking water in a village in the Eastern Region of Ghana.  Fredua, our praiseLive Africa Host, will be keeping in step with the drilling process and timeline. Our FM affiliate station in Ghana is also invited to be apart of drilling the well. It’s incredible to see what the Body of Christ can do when we work together–THANK YOU!

If you feel called to go, you can help Florida residents heal from Hurricane Ian.  Be a part of a team helping communities recover.  It’s a boots on the ground opportunity with God’s Pit Crew where you can help clean up, rebuild, distribute supplies and pray for people.  

PraiseLive is putting together a ministry team to go to Florida later this month into early December.  

You are invited to join our Global Worship Family WhatsApp group!
Together we will encourage one another, pray for one another and experience Jesus!

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