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From kids playing on your living room floor to combines in the field to people behind bars, people are listening to the words and worship on PraiseLive.

Because of your gift, someone discovers the love of Jesus.  Scripture tells us God will never leave us or forsake us and that he sees each tear that falls.  We are all known and seen by God.

Because of your gifts, PraiseLive is able to remind people of this truth every day.

The PraiseLive Celebration is coming up October 24th-26th.  Prayerfully consider how you might get involved and make a gift as we help even more people discover and worship Jesus.

Experiencing Jesus together and celebrating the God who sees us.

Make a gift today!

This is your invitation to walk with Jesus

Order Looking For The One!

Looking For The One is short stories about people experiencing Jesus in grocery stores, hospitals, and dugouts. Each story models walking with Jesus as He finds the lost through you. As you witness the power of the gospel in your every day life, you discover that the first life to be changed is yours.

Because as you look for the one you, you become like the One. You become more like Jesus.

To order the book, Looking For the One, click this link. The suggested donation amount is $20.

By clicking the link you are directed to the Donate Page, under Campaign click the drop box and click Looking For The One.

Take one minute and pray

Take One for One!

We have the opportunity to impact our world through evangelism and prayer.  PraiseLive invites you to take one for one.

Here’s how it works…each day take one minute to pray for one person in a specific area.  

Today, let’s pray for

  • Monday: Those working at small businesses, in large companies, at financial institutions and the entire marketplace.
  • Tuesday: Specific family members, friends, neighbors and co-workers who don’t yet know Jesus.
  • Wednesday: Churches, pastors and ministry leaders to effectively share the Gospel to everyone they encounter.
  • Thursday: Global and government leaders to lead with integrity.
  • Friday: Para-church organizations and global ministries to be strengthened as they reach the lost.
  • Saturday: Teachers, principals and schools to represent Jesus well as they invest in the next generation.
  • Sunday: African nations, communities, cities and villages in their work to bring stability, safety and progress to those they serve. 

For more prayer resources go here!

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