Join praiseLive this summer at parks, coffee shops, online, and church events as we show up to play worship music, pray and spend time getting to better know the communities we serve.

As normal activities are restarting and public spaces are fully opening maybe your church has a  big picnic planned or baptism at the lake. We would love to celebrate being back together with you. Email to let us know when your events are happening.

Local Ways to Connect:
-Worship in Motion
, Fridays starting July 9th at 6 AM CST + Saturdays at 7 AM CST
Join Kelsi Friday mornings at 6 AM at Common Ground Coffee House in Alexandria for 30 minutes of cardio (walk, run, etc). Then join her + Kerry for Coffee + the Word for a live broadcast inside at the coffee shop from 6:30-7 AM.

Join Kerry + Kelsi and Chaz on Tuesday, July 20th at LuLu Beans in Willmar, MN for a live remote! They would love to say hi and pray for you!

Join praiseLive at The One Way Festival in Willmar, MN! Save the date, Saturday, August 21st! Worship with Red Rocks Worship, Eagle Brook Music, EPIK YTH, + Esperanza Viva. This event is raising funds for The Fortress + ATLAS of West Central MN. Get your tickets here!

Sisterhood Nights, Thursday, September 16th at 7 PM at
Lake Geneva Christian Center in Alexandria, MN
Sheila Walsh will be sharing a message and Corey Voss will be leading us in worship.
Tickets go on sale July 1st! The First 100 tickets sold will receive swag bags!!

Virtual Ways to Connect:
Join Chaz + Charlotte for their Global Bible Study, Thursday, July 8th, 3 PM CST (On-air + on FB)

-Join Tonja, on-air, at 7 AM CST Saturdays for 30 minutes of Worship in Motion!

-ADORE Acoustic, Thursday, July 29th at 7 PM
Greg + Jana Long, of Avalon, along with friends will be providing an evening of worship for our praiseLive global family!
Worship with us either on our FM stations, on the praiseLive app, or at

Save the date!
Meet the Match–For such a time as this!
Tuesday, July 27th

Our staff is in awe of how God has moved in bringing KNOF back as part of the praiseLive ministry.  Would you prayerfully consider your involvement in coming alongside praiseLive so that when we come to the closing we will be completely debt-free?  We are holding a one-day fundraiser to meet the need. 

Our purchase price is $1,225,000. Only Jesus could do this! The first $250,000 is already covered.  A generous donor who grew up listening to KNOF is so passionate about God restoring this signal that his family is offering to match your gifts.  This means a total of $487,500 is needed to own this station debt-free. A family from Western Minnesota heard about this, and we just received the first gift that was matched dollar for dollar.  So their gift of $25,000 is $50,000 toward the purchase!  $462,500 to go!

Prayerfully giving here! (Put in the memo, KNOF purchase.)

90 Days of Hope!

The purpose of being Back Together is to intentionally build relationships. We can do that face to face or we can that from afar. No matter where you live, we invite you along with Global Voice of Prayer to write down 3-5 names of people to pray, care + share.

Pray for your friends, family, community, nation, and the world to know the hope of Jesus!

Care for the people in your community who are lonely or in need to give them hope!

Share your hope story and the good news that Jesus saves with one person every day!

Download a free PDF on ways to prayer, care, + share!