Stories of Hope

New stories of hope happen everyday! God is using praiseLive to change lives in your community and around the world.

Jennifer - Minnesota


I can’t express how much God has used this station to encourage me. I cannot attend a local church at this time and I am so thankful that through this station I am included and invited to be a part of God’s family. Thank you for bringing the message of hope and love through Jesus into my home.



I am SO grateful to the Lord ....for walking me through a long 'dark night of the soul' into His glorious light...He has provided me with a FT ministry position, after being unemployed on/off for 3 years! Thanks to all of you at praiseLive for your prayers and through the encouragement of your …

Sandra - Ethiopia


I live in Ethiopia but I am in the US at the moment for medical care. My friend from Kenya introduced me to Praise Live Radio Station and I have been listening to it almost 24hours a day. On June 18th I have posted a prayer request for my health on the website. On June 21st I had a hard time …

Dave - Minnesota


I wanted to let you know that about 13 years ago I rededicated my life to Christ and my life changed. Praise FM & my local church has helped me grow in the Lord and I will be forever grateful!!!

Mitsuko - Japan


Through the big earthquake in Fukushima in 2011, God taught me, even if something bad happened, He would protect us and give us hope that He would unfold His amazing plan. So, though we are in difficult situation now, we are given hope in Him.



I have enjoyed so much receiving the texts during Holy Week. It really does bring Jesus' "journey" through that week to life! He Is Risen!

Debbie - Minnesota


Praise Live App has been a lifeline for me. I usually listen to you on 103.9 when I am at home. My husband just recently had a serious accident and incurred a Traumatic Brain Injury. He has been in the hospital for two weeks now and continues to improve daily. God has used the music of Praise Live …

Raif - Philippines


Before back then I was so very bad really bad. My past is really not in a good condition. But when I started accept and follow Jesus. Everything has change, I started reading bible sharing the good things He has done for me. And things started to change and blessing are coming in. And my dad now is …

Jodi - Osakis, MN


Before Christ: lonely, depressed & fighting chains of addiction to drugs. How I came to Christ: after jail, ER, hosp stay, detox & into my 3rd wk in treatment I knew I couldn't break the chains w/ out surrendering my life over to Jesus. My life after coming to Christ: full of His strength, …

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