Stories of Hope

New stories of hope happen everyday! God is using praiseLive to change lives in your community and around the world.

Kendra - Appelton, MN


I just wanted to let ALL of you know what a blessing you are! I have you on all day as I sit at my desk job. I really appreciate how you all can relate to what your listening family is going through and how your words encourage. It's wonderful to hear the testimonies as well from the …

Stanley - Nigeria, West Africa


Indeed my life has changed tremendously as I listen and worship the King of Kings on praise live here in Anambra state, Nigeria. There is never a day am not listening and getting inspired by your selection of music. Every morning when I wake up I tune in via satellite when I am driving and at work …

Joshua - Alexandria, MN


I used to listen to secular music or talk radio during my workday and decided to listen for two months straight to praiseLive to see if it made a difference in my day. The end result is that I love praiseLive and it's all that I listen to now. My soul feels softer, I feel like I have more energy …

Nichole - Alexandria, MN


Recently, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer as a mama to four children, one still nursing. The music, the programming, the encouraging words shared by the on-air team, even the action items of PL have all held me up through this time. I was grateful the medical professionals before both of my …

Mike - Minnesota


We love Praise Live and it's focus on worship and prayer. Focus on the Family, Family Life Today, Adventures in Odessy have been mentors in our lives. We have the radio on all day in our house, and it blesses me to hear our 4-year-old son sing "Miracle Worker," and"Come to the table" songs all by …

Angela - Aberdeen, SD


The morning of January 27th about 8 am I agreed in prayer with the radio host on financial blessings. It was a time we really needed some financial help. I turned off the radio and proceeded to walk in to work. I got a text from my boss just then letting me know they were giving me a raise. 🙂 🙂 🙂 …

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